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DM025 Earrings malachite 4125.jpg (5768 bytes)  DM026 Earrings tiger eye.jpg (6582 bytes)  DM027 Earrings turquoise.jpg (6059 bytes)
DM025 malachite,  DM026 tiger eye,  DM027 turquoise

Fair Trade Malachite, tiger-eye, turquoise bead ear rings

In brushed metal surround with silver fittings

This malachite and semi-precious stone jewellery is from Denis Mutsinzi, who was born in Kolwezi in The Congo, and now runs the only Fair Trade organisation in this area.
The jewellery is made by two Kolwezi families who are mainly involved in agriculture. The income generated by making the jewellery has enabled them to buy tools for farming.
Malachite is a mineral of copper and is valued for asthma, eyesight problems and rheumatism.
Code DM025 - malachite,  DM026 - tiger eye,  DM027  turquoise. 
Price 10.95 each pair   Matching Necklaces also available










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Last modified: September 05, 2014