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necklaces for the ethical shopper at good value prices


New in! ...Glass bead choker necklace...  chokr.jpg (45569 bytes)  quirky choker.jpg (27160 bytes) multicol red glass bead necklace.jpg (73841 bytes) chokers x3.jpg (87654 bytes)
Red and multicolour beads, button fastening

A gorgeous piece, beautifully made.  From Tara Projects of India
Looks and feels lovely
Measures approx 53cm-55cm long.  Price 9.95


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   orange dreamcatcher necklace.jpg (30338 bytes)  dreamcatch_necklace_bluecroppedresized19 - Copy.jpg (53928 bytes)  Dreamcatcher Necklace with adjustable thong, in brown, blue or orange


Dreamcatcher ring diameter  is approx 1 inch / 2.5cm.  Made using suede and real feathers  Price 2.95 each

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        fertlity shaman necks crprsz.jpg (10503 bytes)  

Carved wood figure (Shamanic, talisman or fertility) necklace 

Carved wooden figure pendant on leather necklace thong. Individually hand carved, can be seen to represent Spiritual guides / guardians, fertility symbols, talisman, or just a pleasing pendant to wear

Leather colours come in black or tan brown, as picture. Please state your preference, if any, when you pay for your order
Likewise, please let us know if the necklace is intended for a purpose such as fertility, guide, guardian, talisman, ornamental, so that we can choose the most appropriate one for you

Price 2.95 each

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DM020 Neclace malachite 5153.jpg (4339 bytes)  DM021.jpg (4504 bytes)  DM022 Necklace turquoise semi-precious stone rp1299.jpg (4272 bytes)

Necklace with Malachite, or  tiger eye,  or turquoise 

Round semi - precious stone beads in brushed metal surround.  A High Quality piece

This malachite and semi-precious stone jewellery is from Denis Mutsinzi, from Kolwezi in The Congo, who runs the only Fair Trade organisation in this area.
The jewellery is made by two Kolwezi families who are mainly involved in agriculture. The income generated by making the jewellery has enabled them to buy tools for farming.
Malachite is a mineral of copper and is valued for asthma, eyesight problems and rheumatism.

DM020 - Malachite, DM021 - tiger eye,  DM022 - turquoise.  Price 14.00  each   (Matching ear rings also available)

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Indian Medicine Bag crpd.jpg (18551 bytes)  medicine bags fair trade asst.jpg (134279 bytes)  Indian Medicine Bag, pouch on necklace cord

from BAFTS Fair Trade suppliers.  Suede pouch Shaman's purse with feather


Pouch (colours vary) is typically up to 3" inches / 7cm deep, and can be worn round the neck like a necklace using the cord.
Available in black, grey, indigo or navy blue, olive green, red or varying shades of brown suede (please let us know when you pay for the item if you have a preference, otherwise we will choose for you)

The pouch contains many items symbolic for the Medicine Man's Magic
Many items are included but you could always add your own...
Native seeds are usually added by the customers.  We dont always send them because of Import / Export rules on seeds.  We can add them for UK customers on request

An informative tag (supplied) states;

"The American Indian medicine bag was always carried by the medicine man. The Medicine Man was the next most important member of the tribe after the chief, he was responsible for the healing of the sick and injured, predicting the future and driving away evil spirits.

Each of the contents of the bag has a specific purpose and their meaning is symbolised by the charm. The cloth was used as a symbol of healing, the stones characterize strength-the type of stone selected was based on both the type of the illness and the position of the member within the tribe, the turquoise blue is the traditional stone of the indian. the stick was used to drive away the evil spirits, the seeds symbolize the seeds of life and were used for fertility, growth and longevity.  The feather is the symbol of free spirit.

With the right mix, the medicine man could not only achieve miraculous healing, but could also bring about an important balance and harmony in life.

Try selecting the right mix to bring a balance to your life.  Other charms may be added to achieve the ultimate harmony"

Price 2.95 for 1    
See (above) how the prices drop with quantity!


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Tibetan Mandala Pendants

Beautifully made - adorned with finely crafted filigree and red & torquoise semiprecious stone beads.  Limited stock.  Pendants will go on most chains or can be supplied with a wax cotton adjustable thong for an extra 1.95 (from the add to cart button below the pictures).  Usually worn as necklaces, may also act as a large charm or fit in with your own creations.  types 3 and 4 are more dome - shaped


Mandala_pendant_style_1_001.jpg (73522 bytes)  Style 1, measures 35mm diameter & approx 8mm deep.  Price 4.95

006 - Copyrszd.jpg (131840 bytes)  Style  2  ONLY ONE IN STOCK measures 37mm diameter & approx 11mm deep.  Price 5.90

012 - Copyrsz.jpg (79607 bytes)  Style  3  Ohm design centred within 4 triangles.  Measures 3cm diameter & approx 10mm deep.  Price 5.95

 025 - Copyrsz.jpg (79300 bytes)   026 - Copyrsz.jpg (91165 bytes)  Style  4  Ohm design amid filigree.  Measures 3cm diameter & approx 9mm deep.  Price 6.00


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


add your wax cotton adjustable necklace thong here at 1.95 each, if desired


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


  Tibetan Yin & Yang pendants in horn and bone 

Hand crafted by a craftspeoples co-operative in Nepal and imported into UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading

The 'white' part is bone and the 'black' part is horn 

As an optional extra you may wish to have the pendant threaded onto adjustable wax cotton cord (aka 'thong') - the price difference being 1.95 (please use 'add to cart' button above)

Pendants can be worn on a necklace, added to charm bracelets, or given over to a multitude of creative applications...

The shiny white metal back is, I believe, aluminium, and is stamped with a double dorje

The Yin & Yang concept is over 2000 years old.  Symbolising equal and opposite forces acting in harmony, and more...
Whilst this emblem may be fashionable with teenagers at the moment, it will always endure and will always be somewhat above mere fashion.
These pendants are very high quality and have a timeless appeal

yin_yang_pendant_inset_rszd.jpg (93138 bytes)  Emblem inset in horn surround

A Yin & Yang emblem is inset within horn.
In the smaller size you can choose whether the emblem is centred or off-centre
see pictures below

size / type

yin yang pendant inset large 4cm.jpg (78221 bytes)  large (4cm) inset yin yang pendant Price 4.20 each

yin yang pendant inset small 22mm.jpg (54848 bytes)  small/med (2.3cm) centred inset yin yang pendant Price 2.80 each

yin yang pendant inset off centre small 22mm.jpg (32775 bytes)  small/med (2.3cm), off-centre  inset yin yang pendant Price 2.80 each

 *     *     *

horn_bone_yin_yang_pendants_020.jpg (58132 bytes)  Yin Yang pendant in horn & bone, full emblem

size / type

choice of 3 sizes
'L' (2.3cm)  Price 2.75 each
'M' (1.6cm) Price 2.45 each
S ( 1.2cm)  Price 2.20 each

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


AC028  oo125 coconut.jpg (50299 bytes)  Natural coconut SURFER BEADS choker necklace

Fair Trade coconut beads surfer style choker necklace on elastic
For men or women, one size fits all*

Classic style.  Popular with many age groups, and with people from a wide range of styles.
*Generally comfortable and easy to wear. However a powerlifter or prop forward rugby player may find them a little tight
Made in the beautiful island of Bali and imported to the UK by a Fair Trade importer.  Price 2.50 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *

Fairly traded wooden choker necklaces, hand made in a small community in Thailand.

There are matching bracelets at 1.90 each, for the chokers Type A and Type B, below

zNK30_NK32_NK33_NK34 0142 blets.jpg (34380 bytes)  Type A, stretch chokers (elasticated)

Items 1, 2, 3, 4 in picture (Please state preference or we will choose for you).  Price 3.50 each

Type A or B

 zNK35_NK36 0142.jpg (32037 bytes) Type B, stretch chokers (elasticated)

Items 1, 2, in picture (Please state preference or we will choose for you).  Price 3.50 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       *       *       *


Rosewood Mallah beads.jpg (88211 bytes) rosewood_malla.jpg (34804 bytes)  Rosewood Mallah / Buddhist prayer beads, 108 bead necklace.

An attractive and intriguing item, this prayer necklace is handcrafted by in India by Tibetan Buddhists and imported into the UK by a BAFTS - recognised Fair Trade importer.
These necklaces are the ones Buddhist people carry round the Temple, chanting ohmmanipedmaehoum on each bead.
Each one is packed with a descriptive card. 
. They are, of course, continuous and fit over the head when worn. Approx 30" inches / 76cm around. Each item is individually hand - crafted so there may be slight size variations. Beads are made of Rosewood, - a nice, dark, reddish brown wood.  They are comfortable and pleasant to wear on neck or wrist, draped around an altar and / or for meditation.
In choice of red or saffron yellow tassles.  Price 4.80

tassle colour & with or without box


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


sandal mala rszd.jpg (99030 bytes)  samdalwood_Mallah_saffron_yellow_tassles.jpg (123819 bytes)  Genuine sandalwood Japa mala, 108 - bead necklace

tassle colour

An attractive and unique item, this prayer necklace is handcrafted by in India by Tibetan refugees and imported into the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading

Enjoy the scent and feel of real sandalwood with your Mala beads

They are of course, brand new, unused, unworn.

Each bead is made of real sandalwood (we also sell the cheap imitations, separately and cheaper, below) and is approx 8mm diameter
The necklace is continuous and fits over the head when worn. Approx 25" inches / 64cm around. Each item is individually hand - crafted so there may be slight size variations.
With red or yellow tassles, (red are pictured).
Genuine Sandal Mala Price 12.95

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

Copy sandal mala.jpg (150860 bytes)    "Copy sandal" Mala 108 plain wood bead necklace

With red tassles, as pictured

. They are continuous and fit over the head when worn. Approx 27" inches / 69cm around. Beads are approx 8mm diameter.

Each item is individually hand - crafted so there may be slight size variations.

Please note - these "copy sandal" malas beads are lightly scented and made of a simple, plain wood - very similar to sandalwood in colourPlease note - these "copy sandal" malas are  We do sell genuine sandalwood malas , they are the next item above,  at a suitably higher price.
"Copy" sandal mala price 4.80

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

There are more Malas / prayer beads on our Buddhist items page ...eg

  042copsz175dpi.jpg (200644 bytes) Boxed Mallah.jpg (34203 bytes) Rosewood Mallah beads also available in Lokta paper box ...

See our Buddhist Items page for more necklaces (kartika & purba pendants, skull mallah necklaces)

   *     *     *     *     *   


 skull mala rszd.jpg (155944 bytes) 008 - Copyrszd.jpg (87615 bytes) 108 skull beads carved from bone, in a Mala necklace

These necklaces are more usually associated with Tibetan Buddhist & Shamanistic rituals. They can also be used for powerful Sympathetic, protective Magick.
Effective whether chanting ohmmanipedmaehoum or focussing intention, on each bead.
They are, of course, continuous and fit over the head when worn.
A unique item, this prayer necklace is handcrafted by Tibetan community groups in India and imported into the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading 

The beads are approx 12mm by 6-7mm each

  Price 15

( matching bracelet also available on our bracelets Buddhist items or Tibetan Refugees' Produce pages)


*    *    *


Genuine Rudraksha seed Mala Yogic Meditation / Prayer bead Necklace

4 sizes 108 5-8mm Prayer beads with knots 

from No 1 size (5-6mm) to No 2.5 size (approx 8mm). The smaller ones are the more powerful.  Particularly Popular with  Hindus

Rudrashka 1point0size.jpg (78617 bytes)  No. 1. size (5-6 mm) 9.25

Rudrashka 1point5.jpg (75308 bytes)  No 1.5 size (approx 6.5mm).  Price 7.90

Rudrashka_2_point_0.jpg (55097 bytes)  No. 2.0 size (approx 7mm).  Price 6.50

Rudrashka_2point5_ size.jpg (75792 bytes)  No. 2.5 size (approx 8mm).  Price 5.50

seed bead size

Genuine spiritual items - sourced from near the holy & sacred lake Pushkar
one of the oldest towns in India where pilgrims travel to bathe in the sacred waters

Can be used as an aid to meditation - reciting a mantra whilst thumbing the beads, or worn to appreciate its numerous benefits

Rudraksha beads are steeped in religious and Spiritual lore and give the wearer tranquility, peace of mind, focus and concentration - ideal for meditation or when using the mind is required.
Rudraksha is meant for everyone and should benefit all of humanity. Rudraksha is said to rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Soul, help us reach our full potential and enhance  our quality of life.
Anti aging properties are also associated with these mystical seeds

Ancient Indian and Buddhist scriptures contain countless references to the power of these beads

  *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *


whale tail necklace.jpg (48900 bytes)   Whale tail necklace

whale tail pendant carved from bone
on adjustable leather thong cord
Pendant measures 1 & a half inches / 4cm wide

Price 2.95 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


NK172.jpg (57241 bytes) heart_necklaces_009.jpg (64001 bytes) green_heart_necklace_016.jpg (47287 bytes)  blue_heart_necklace_007.jpg (58932 bytes) Stone Heart Necklaces

In a choice of green or blue


These heart pendants measure an inch or slightly more at widest point
Secured by an easily adjustable and long - lasting wax cotton thong.  Price 2.95 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


last cropped surya100_0986.jpg (245566 bytes)   Big, brass, Surya sun face pendant necklace

choice of cord

Made in a craftspeople's cooperative in Nepal and imported to the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading
The Sun pendant made of brass & approx 5.5cm max diameter.  A long Leather thong is supplied and if you would prefer the stronger wax cotton instead please let us know
The face of Surya has an enlightened expression and seems to embody the compatability of compassion, enlightenment and strength. 
More on Surya, from the Encyclopedia Mythica:
In India, he corresponds to the Greek Helios - he is the special god who dwelt in the body of the sun. He is also the guardian of the south-west quadrant, His father is the sky god, Dyaush or Indra. One myth tells how he arose from the eye of the world-giant, Purusa. Surya has golden hair and golden arms. He drives in a chariot drawn by a team of 4 or 7 horses.
Price 2.95 each on long leather thong cord
Price 3.60 on adjustable wax cotton thong cord

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

ASP608 Necklace metal with red black hanging flower shape.jpg (5503 bytes)  The 'Fair Trade Necklace', from Shared Earth

Ornate beads and pendant adorn this necklace
comes packed with a good card, suitably entitled 'Fair Trade Necklace'

Price 6.95 each


*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

HBN033 0125 recycled silk hair tie.jpg (75578 bytes)  HBN034 reycled silk hair tie large 50cm.jpg (61239 bytes)  Recycled silk choker / decorative headband / hair tie  or bracelet


available 30cm or 50cm long
only 1.80 each!

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 

rainbow bead fair trade necklace.jpg (60949 bytes) 
Rainbow wood bead choker necklace

painted wooden beads / seeds
good clasp fitting
measures approx 17" inches long when opened
should fit children or adults (being worn 'longer' on the former and closer on the latter)
Price 3.95 each

*       *       *        *        *        *        *       * 


AC1136 0188.jpg (63863 bytes)  Shell 'tooth' necklace

number of teeth

A very fetching piece.  Simple but effective
a shell 'button' fastens this choker

  Price (for 5 tooth as in pic) 4.95 
we also have one 4-tooth necklace in stock  price 3.50










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