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Rangzen bracelets.jpg (191112 bytes)  Rangzen, or Tibetan Freedom bracelet

Handmade in India by Tibetan Nuns.    Comes with descriptive leaflet.
The Rangzen, or  Freedom,Bracelet was first made by Tibetan political prisoners near Lhasa, Tibet. These bracelets were originally woven from white and black yak hair, or whatever threads were available in the prisons. Today these bracelets are worn as an expression of endurance and defiance against the oppression from the Chinese occupying forces and to spread awareness of the Tibetans' plight.
The '9 eyes' pattern is based on the slingshots which Tibetan shepherds and nomads used to protect their flocks.  Thus the slingshot came to symbolize the conquering power of good over evil and as a great protective force.
Please wear it to show support for freedom and human rights in Tibet

Various colours (eg, black & white, yellow & black, torquoise & white, torquoise & black, torquoise & pink, red & green, red & white...)
Please state your preference or we will choose for you.  Price 2.50 each.  Buy 4 get 1 free!  

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All proceeds for the Tibetan item above and below will be reinvested in trading with Tibetan Refugee Community groups

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COPPER OHM BRACELETS rszd TIBETAN 241.jpg (51476 bytes)  Copper & brass Ohm ohmanipadmehum Bracelets

These nice bracelets have a12mm band of copper which has been found to relieve arthritic or rheumatic pain in the wearer
It also looks very good!
The prayer chant of 'Ohmanipadmehum' is featured in white metal on the outside
Price 5.95 each

Another fine example from our Tibetan Refugees' Produce  page

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BR171 01127 bead.jpg (35292 bytes)  Tie on bracelet with beads & shells


Lovely bead & shell craftwork over a 18cm x 4cm area, with lace either end to make this suitable for older children or adults
Available in a choice of black, white, or torquoise, colours.  Price 3.95 each

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bone skull mala bracelet.jpg (87764 bytes) skull mala bracelet.jpg (67006 bytes) bone skulls bracelet - 72dpi.jpg (113699 bytes) Hand carved Bone skull Mala beads bracelet

An attractive and unique item, this prayer amazing bracelet is handcrafted by in India by Tibetan Buddhists refugee community groups and imported into the UK by Global Citizen Fairtrading

They are continuous and stretchy, they fit around just about all wrists  Each item is individually hand - crafted so there may be slight variations from the picture. The 14 + 1  beads are made of bone and nicely hand-carved into skulls

skulls have a long tradition as symbols of protection, and these bracelets are said to offer protection to the wearer

With reddish or reddish - brown tassles, as pictured

Price 4.20 each

(matching necklace also available - see our Necklaces, Buddhist items, Tibetan Refugees' Produce pages or above)


As those of you with a fondness for such things will know, there is quite a spiritual element to that which is truly Tibetan, which is tangible to behold and here to enjoy!  You may like to also visit our Tibetan Refugees' Produce page


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Bracelets from Tara Projects in Delhi, India

About Tara;-   "TARA Projects (Trade Alternative Reform Action) were founded in 1973 to help poorly organised and struggling artisans in Delhi, find markets for their goods. By creating opportunities for these home-based craftsmen market and sell their goods, TARA projects helps to generate steady work and income. Based on the early success of this program, they have been able to expand to a 120-mile area surrounding Delhi.
TARA projects fund non-formal and vocational schools as well as literacy centres for adults and constantly campaigning and educating people about fair trade. Their goal is to end injustice and manipulation in the world mass trade system"
Having visited Tara Projects in 2012 I can confirm their integrity and commitment to an ethos of social justice and the welfare of their craftspeople.  Health and education projects are provided for the workers, as is a safe environment  and decent working conditions

030 - croptwicerszd_GOT.jpg (174542 bytes)  GOT bracelets.jpg (78676 bytes)  Burnished Gold/Bronze G.O.T style cuff bracelet

original and inspired design from Tara (TAR23)
2" inches / 5.2cm wide
Quality brass bracelet with hammered design and burnished gold / bronze finish
Price 8.95 each

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Resin 'horn effect' big bead stretch bracelets

These elasticated bracelets have beads which look like horn but are actually made from resin, so are suitable for vegans!

bracelet TAR25.jpg (136533 bytes)  Black resin stretch bracelet with white design

(code TAR25) Seven oval shaped beads, each approx 3.5cm long, each seperated by two small round beads
Price 8.75 each

*    *    *

horn_effect_resin_bracelet_TAR11.jpg (213817 bytes)   Black & Brown 'double zero' design stretch bracelet

(codeTAR11) Seven 'flat egg shaped' beads, each approx 4cm long, with '00' design
Price 8.85 each

*    *    *

TAR12 purple tree of life design bracelet.jpg (66577 bytes)  Black & purple tree of Life design stretch bracelet

(code TAR12) Seven 'flat egg-shaped' beads, each approx 4.2cm long
Price 8.90 each

*    *    *    *    *    *

Glass beaded Bracelets

Also from Tara Projects of India

ASP606 0164 rp199.jpg (7297 bytes) Alternate coloured glass and metal beads Bracelet

(code ASP606).  Elasticated Bracelet Price 2.75 each.

*    *    *

TAR1087 0164  rp199.jpg (9352 bytes) TAR 1087  0164.jpg (94208 bytes) rosepink bletTAR1049.jpg (48618 bytes) Stretch bracelet, coloured glass beads


(codeTAR1087) lilac beads bracelet (on left in pink photo and solo in middle photo)
(codeTAR1085)  green beads bracelet (on right in pink photo) 
(codeTAR1089) turquoise beads bracelet (on top in pink photo)
(code TAR1049) rose pink beads bracelet (solo in right photo)
All Elasticated.    1.99 each

*    *    *


TAR1097_1127_rp299_395.jpg (17484 bytes)  Glass TAR1097  1127.jpg (196155 bytes) Glass Bead Bracelet on string jade coloured

(codeTAR1097) Bracelet glass beads with string pale green   3.65 each

*    *    *     *     *     *    *    *    *

Brass & Bead Cuff Bangles, also from Tara Projects


The bangles below are approx 2" inches / 4.8cm wide.  Very well made with beads and sequins on brass


multicol_bangles.jpg (169543 bytes)  multicol_bangles_3.jpg (154099 bytes) Brass bangle with multicolour beads and Zari embroidery

New in for 2013 season.  Price 8.95 each

*     *     * 

beaded bracelet TZD2353B.jpg (85002 bytes)  bracelet beaded TZD2353B.jpg (87428 bytes) 
Brass bangle with bright multicolour beads

Another beautiful new addition for 2013
4.2cm wide brass cuff bracelet with excellent beadwork
(code TZD2353B).      Price 8.95 each


*     *     * 

TAR3020.jpg (12207 bytes)  Brass Bangle, with green and wooden beads

(code TAR3020)  Brass Bangle, with green beads & sequins and wooden beads.  5cm wide  Price 8.95 each

 *     *     * 

TAR6001.jpg (13295 bytes)   Brass Bangle, with black / dark rainbow sequins

(code TAR6001) with black beads and dark rainbow sequins.  5cm wide.  Price 8.95 each

 *     *     * 

TAR3022.jpg (11891 bytes) Brass Bangle with  red & yellow beads

(code TAR3022) Brass Bangle with red, yellow, copper- coloured and wood beads.  4cm wide.  Price 8.95 each

 *     *     * 

TAR3021.jpg (10108 bytes)  Brass Bangle with pearly white & wood beads

(code 3021)  with white beads, pearly beads and wood beads. 5cm wide  Price 8.95 each


*     *     * 

TAR6057.jpg (12537 bytes) Brass Bangle with Gold sequin Paisley

(code TAR6057)  Gold and copper coloured decoration & sequins.  5cm wide  Price 8.95 each

*     *     * 

TAR3023 blet.jpg (48679 bytes)  Brass Bangle with pearly white, black & wood beads

(code TAR3023)  with white beads, pearly beads and wood beads. 5cm wide  Price 8.95 each

 *     *     *     *     *     * 

  Silver plated Bracelets from Tara Projects

    The following bracelets are copper with silver plate, and are very high quality as the silver plating is of excellent quality and endures extremely well

hammered finish bangle.JPG (184413 bytes)  TAR2013.jpg (6145 bytes) Silver plated Bracelet with hammered finish

(code TAR2013)   the silver plate is of excellent quality and very long - lasting.  5.2cm wide  Price 6.99

 *     *     * 

TAR2014.jpg (23906 bytes) Silver plated Bracelet with  pattern 

code (TAR2014)  the silver plate is of excellent quality and very long - lasting.  
  Price 7.50


*    *    *     *     *     *    *    *    *

MH5430_Bangle_012 - Copy.jpg (172295 bytes)  Bangle_007 - Copy.jpg (149112 bytes)  Continuous brass boho bracelet, with multicolour jointwork

(code TAR16)  Painted Papri wood
 Beautiful jointwork from Tara Projects, India
Internal diameter is approx 7cm
Price 8.90 each

*     *     *     *    * 

Fairly traded wooden bracelets, hand made in a small community in Thailand.

BR52 no1 7cm 1178.jpg (26253 bytes)  Wide coconut bead stretch bracelets 

#1 in above picture, 7cm wide   4.95 each
#3 in above picture, 3cm wide   3.00 each


 #1,    7cm bracelet close - up  BR52.jpg (10625 bytes)



There are matching choker necklaces, at 3.50 each, for the bracelets Type A and Type B, below

zNK30_NK32_NK33_NK34 0142 blets.jpg (34380 bytes)  Type A, stretch coconut bracelets (elasticated)

Items 1, 2, 3, 4 in picture (Please state preference or we will choose for you).  Price 1.90 each  (use button below to buy)

Type A or B

 zNK35_NK36 0142.jpg (32037 bytes) Type B, stretch coconut bracelets (elasticated)

Items 1, 2, in picture (Please state preference or we will choose for you).  Price 1.90 each  (use button above to buy)

 *     *     * 

zBR_39_BR_40_BR_41 0164.jpg (19769 bytes)  Type C, tie on coconut bracelets


Items 1, 2, 3 in picture (Please state preference or we will choose for you).  Price 1.95 each


 zBR_43___BR_42  0139.jpg (33967 bytes)  Type D, stretch coconut bracelets (elasticated)

Items 1, 2, in picture (Please state preference or we will choose for you).  Price 1.95 each

*    *    *     *     *     *    *    *    *

BG3 010.jpg (27642 bytes)  Fair Trade Bollywood Bangles with Mirror design


2mm thick, high quality, assorted colours.  Click this  bollywood bangles Fair Trade 011 148dpi crprsz.jpg (148022 bytes) picture to see enlarged detail

45p each,    3 (same colour or various) for 1.20,    8 for 2.90


*    *    *     *     *     *    *    *    *



BR204.jpg (40636 bytes)  Recycled silk bracelets, from Nepal

Button fastening.  These furry bracelets have proved popular.
A match for the recycled sari silk thread range of hats, and bags & purses, and scarves
   Price 2.95 each

*    *    *     *     *     *    *    *    *


HBN033 0125 recycled silk hair tie.jpg (75578 bytes)  HBN034 reycled silk hair tie large 50cm.jpg (61239 bytes)  Recycled silk bracelet / decorative headband / hair tie  or choker


available 30cm or 50cm long
Bendy like a pipe cleaner.  You can get very creative with these and adorn a wrist / arm / ankle / leg / hair / head or neck as you like!
only 1.80 each!








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